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The light in your eyes always shines so bright,
Even during the darkest part of the night.
The light in your heart is always burning bright for me,
The light in your soul warms me up in ways I never knew could be.
The warmth of your arms keep me snuggled close and safe,
The heat of your breath on my neck reminds me, I'm protected in your warm embrace.
The warmth of your heart is all I will ever need,
That warmth that makes me crave to always follow your lead.
That smile that you send my way when you think I'm not aware,
Shows me how deeply you love me and how much you really care.
That laugh that is so full and loud and used to be so rare,
Oh how I love hearing you laugh so robust with no cares!
Though teasing and jokes and playfulness are plentiful,
You become my rock when I’m sick and treat me so careful.
You caresses my head and worry when I'm not well
You hold me tight and tell me not to dwell.
The love I see from those gorgeous green eyes,
The love we share, that anyone looking spies.
All of these things make you so wonderful and dear
And I will forever hold you close and keep you near.
You are buried deep inside my heart and deep inside my soul, I will never again be empty nor ever feel old.
The kind of love I carry for you, makes me feel forever young, As the hands of time tick by, my soul will remember the song it sung.
My love is lasting, it is forever and it is true.
It's that once in a lifetime love, that always shines through.
Through distance or separation, truly through anything that may be.
My love for you will never falter, for my love and soul is yours for eternity.

by Michelle Fegatofi

How much you mean to me

Post title: " How Much You Mean to Me "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line

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