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BDSM Unveiled is a BDSM Blog created on November 18, 2012.
It's an 'Education Website Dedicated to the Knowledge of BDSM - Focusing on Relationships and Emotional Issues'.

What we think on some BDSM matters:

My Thoughts on True BDSM Submission

Alpha Sub and Brat - Real BDSM Terms or Buzz Words?

Are the Core Principles of BDSM Being Compromised by New Terminologies?

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'Original BDSM Lifestyle Content'.

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Original BDSM Lifestyle Content

Our mission: 
'Educating People Promoting BDSM Lifestyle and BDSM Relationships through Informations, Blogs/Web Pages and Non Fiction Books'.

To Thine Own Self Be True (Our BDSM Life Style Declaration)

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Michelle Fegatofi has been in and around the BDSM Lifestyle for over 20 years as a submissive/slave.
She mentors and advises new people, as well as writes educational books and blogs on different subjects from a submissive point of view.
She shares her own life experiences and incites in hopes of inspiring others.
She strives to help educate and guide people about the real world of BDSM. It is a beautiful and most often misunderstood Lifestyle.
Our goal is to give correct information versus the distorted / incorrect news / reports about our Lifestyle.
We are dedicated to spreading the knowledge of BDSM by publishing books and articles on the web, where we have a significant presence.

Marco and Michelle Fegatofi

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