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The following is a poem I wrote about Freedom of Choice.

We should be able to live and express our lifestyle on the internet and in the open if we so choose, just as any other group (religious, political, etc...) does.

Freedom of Choice - Michelle Fegatofi

Freedom to you is the ability to do anything you please.
Freedom to me is the ability to serve my Master on my knees.

Freedom to you takes you to any place you want to go.
Freedom to me keeps me bound, close to my Master,
with my head bent low.

Freedom to you gives you the right to make
all the decisions for your life.
Freedom to me means that all decisions are made for me
to keep me happy, safe and away from all strife.

Freedom to you gives you the right to dress any way you want.
Freedom to me is dressing in the clothes only Master has bought.


Freedom to you is expressing yourself in any way,
no matter how wrong or right.
Freedom to me is always expressing myself
in ways that always reflect on my Master in a positive light.

Freedom of expression, choices and life,
are vast and different from one person to another.
But that Freedom does not give us the right to judge each other.

My choice, my life, my service as a BDSM slave
I should not have to deal with the constant backlash
from the huge moralistic wave.


When that choice is constantly challenged,
trying to silence my right to be heard,
Then Freedom of choice is no freer than a beautifully caged bird.
My right to be heard, my right to be proud,
My right to live openly as the collared submissive slave that I am.

To me this is real Freedom and this is my right.
And until we as a community are either accepted or left alone,
I will not bow down or give up the fight.

BDSM Unveiled servitude - my life, my right, my choice

Post title: " Freedom of Choice: Interpretations "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line

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  1. Your poems are breathtaking! It is wonderful to meet another BDSM poet.


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