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Throughout the BDSM community, we see pictures of collared and leashed subs/slaves all over.

I find them very enticing myself and love seeing new pics of devoted slaves kneeling at the feet of their Master/Mistress with their leash being held. Most subs/slaves feel best and most secure when they are in close proximity of Master/Mistress. But, practicality, physical limits, family, etc., prohibits most of the leashed positions that are pictured in the images we see splashed all over the internet. How can we achieve that mental feeling of security and love when we are out in the world, or our Dominants are out, without actually, physically, being leashed?

Feel more submissive with technology

This is where we can use technology to our advantage. If you are a Dominant and want to keep a tight leash on your sub/slave all hours of the day, make sure they have a cell phone with WiFi or Internet access. Through this, you can use many free apps to check on their whereabouts at anytime you choose. Google Maps and Facebook are two of the most popular and free software you can use. Make specific rules for your sub/slave, when to check in, where and how to check in, as well as what info you want them to send when they do their check in, such as location, time estimated to be at the place, how they feel, etc. Granted, this could make some subs feel like they are being to controlled, but there are many others that would love this type of rule or control.

facebook checkins

google check ins

If you are a sub/slave and you love the feelings you get when you are on a leash connected physically to your Dominant, this is a very good alternative. If you do not wear a collar at all times, outside the house especially, ask your Dominant to pick one for you that is acceptable to be seen in public places and could be mistaken as a piece of jewelery. The weight on your neck will make you feel connected and remind you of who owns you always, no matter where you may be. If your Dominant is not with you, perform 'Check-ins' via the Facebook or Google apps mentioned above; or simply send a text message to the Dom, following the rules H/She outlined for you.

cell phone gps tracking

I actually call my Padrone (Master) whenever I go anywhere. If he is not at home and I need to go out, I call him before I leave, and when I reach wherever I am going. I tell him how long I think I might be there, then call him again when I am leaving. If he is at home, I call when I reach my destination, and call again to let Him know I am leaving and where else I may be going if not going directly home. I have found this gives me a sense of peace, security, and love deep inside myself, as well as giving my Padrone an added sense of security and peace of mind in knowing his slave is well. He implemented these measures because of my epilepsy, but also because He knows me so well, that he understands that any type of rule like this, that he puts in place, makes me feel that much more safe, secure, loved, and protected, especially if he is not with me.

submissive checkins on cell phone

So, the next time you as a Dominant wonder where your slave is or you as a sub/slave, wish you had that feeling of security and love that a leash gives you, try utilizing the methods I mentioned above. You will be surprised at the peace of mind and feeling of security it will bring to both the Dominant and the sub/slave.

Post title: " Feeling 'More Submissive' with Technology in a BDSM Relationship "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line


  1. I don't feel this post at any time disagrees the collar and leash are and symbolize a very personal connection and state of mind. If anything it speaks to how those in D/s relationships can retain more of that connection when it isn't possible to be with one another physically or wear an actual leash/collar publicly.

    As for increasing sales or making money... what exactly is being sold or peddled here? I see only suggestions and helpful hints to stay mentally connected with your D/s respectively ie report or touch base times utilizing available technology ie fb or cell phones... all things I have utilized in my D/s relationships and find quite helpful.

    Who ever you are I doubt you really know anything about the true D/s dynamic or you just woke up grumpy today. Relax!

  2. Thank you for this! This can help subs feel more connected.

  3. Good ideas.
    At various times I've felt both dominant and submissive. These ideas could work for both parties.


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