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A Master's Love

A master's love is like a ring
Endless love that makes a girl sing.
It comes from the heart,
And with it one is never apart.

A master's love is like a collar,
An endless circle of love making one holler.
A master's love is like a river,
More precious than silver.

A master's love is like a slave bracelet,
An endless love, we will never let it.
A master's love is like the ankle bracelet,
never-ending, endless joy never letting.

A master's love is like a wedding ring,
Infinite and priceless, making both sing.
A master's love is a circle of endless love,
A priceless treasure, sent from the Heaven's above.

Time may change, aging state of grace,
But bound together, never losing pace.
A master's love never weakens,
It flows like the river, and only deepens.

A Master's love cleanses the soul,
Healing old wounds as it flows.
A love more precious than anything,
Gold, silver, more precious than things.

A master's love burns deep and hot,
Burning away the doubts of what we are not.
A master's love can never die,
For it is never-ending, and that is no lie.

So what is a Master's love?
Each of us knows it, a gift from above.
A priceless treasure,
That brings endless pleasure.

And what of a slave's love you ask?
It is shown in praise as she does what He asks.
A deep endless joy, endless craving
Deepening surrender, life worth saving.

And what of Love to each other you ask?
A fire hot and bright, does one have to ask?
It burns hotter than the sun, brighter than the stars
A bond that never ends, long after we go to the stars.

And what of those lost mates where is love?
It is shown always high above.
For it is in each star shining bright,
Brightly shining in eternal light.

So what is love to each of you?
How does it mold and shape each part of you?
Look deep inside the heart when in doubt it is there,
For it always will be, Love is always there.

Post title: " A Master's Love "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line

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