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You may have heard me talking about the new book I have been working on for the past several months that focuses on submissives.
I am happy to announce that the cover of  'Unveiled, the secret submissive within' has finally been completed and I'm revealing it to you all today! I am also very proud that my Padrone Marco Fegatofi was the one who designed it.

Unveiled, the secret submissive within - educational BDSM book cover
New Book Cover

This is an in-depth guide for submissives new to the lifestyle and for those just wanting to broaden their knowledge more. It starts with what a submissive is, moves to common terms in BDSM, contracts, continues on to possible punishments, what to look for in a Dominant, and ends with a very thorough Limits Worksheet in the back. There are many more topics covered, but too many to name here. I tried to pack as much information into this book that would help you gain knowledge and choose the path that is right for you, without steering you in one particular direction. I firmly believe that BDSM is a personal choice that has to be discovered, practiced, lived to suit individual wants/needs/desires.

Stay tuned over the next weeks as we reveal the entire Table of Contents. The actual book should be published and available in paperback and ebook versions very soon! 

Post title: " New Book Cover Revealed! "
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  1. Can't wait......looking to purchase this and one of your other books!!

  2. Can't wait!!!! Plan on purchasing this and another.......Thank you Michelle

  3. I can't wait till your new books comes out. Your first one was a great help..
    Thank you

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that. I hope you find the second one even more enlightening and full of great information.

  4. Wonderful. I can't wait to get your book. BDSM For Beginners is the best book I've read so far about the lifestyle, and I highly recommend it all newcomers, whether they are just curious, or already entering the lifestyle. In the light of the recent campaign to purge Facebook, Google, Pinterest, et al, of all things relating to BDSM, I would say your book should be required reading on mainstream book lists. Even if people aren't interested in the lifestyle themselves, they really should be encouraged to read about it, and understand that it is all about freedom of choice, no different from someone choosing to live a 'religious' lifestyle, so others have a right to live a vanilla lifestyle or even a BDSM based lifestyle. It all comes down to education, and the we can educate the next generation at least, then there is hope that eventually, BDSM can and will be an accepted form of lifestyle, as much as any other.


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