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Well fellow kinksters, it looks like Facebook is at it again with deleting Adult Content pages, many of which are BDSM related.

As if the first round on FB and other social media sites were not enough!

Now, there are four BDSM pages I know of that were deleted and I know for a fact that their content and pictures never went against FB's newer and stricter policies. Many of us in and around the BDSM community that have pages on FB have made alternative sites on other, more open minded and friendlier sites, just in case they delete our pages again.

The black ribbon picture you see is for all of those pages that were deleted by FB for no reason other than the moralistic movement that is taking place. It's as if we are living in a police state or back in the middle ages when your entire belief system was dictated by a minor few.

Is there anything we can do against all the moralistic people that keep reporting our pages? If any of you have any ideas or solutions/strategies about how to realistically fight back in order to keep our communities alive and online, let us know by leaving a comment below. Currently, the only thing we can do is to reopen our pages and to try to build bigger and better pages.

I hope you keep showing your support and making sure you follow us not only here, but on all of our sites!


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Post title: " FB Censors Are At It Once Again! "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line


  1. Has anyone thought about a petition or mailing a letters to Facebook's primary offices? I had one written for roleplaying groups being kicked out too, but haven't sent it.

  2. That may help. At least get a few thinking


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