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The Purest Commitment
by Michelle Fegatofi

The Love of a Master can not be compared to anything else in this Life,
For a Master's Love is unbreakable through all manner of woes, illness and strife.
As people in your life come and go, even family drifts away,
A submissive always knows her Master is there to stay.
A bond so deep and pure, that it sets your heart to leaping,
A Love so very strong, simply witnessing it will have you weeping.
Our rituals and ways seem brutal and foreign to many across the land,
But nothing compares to the feelings of being taken in hand.
As Master commands, we serve with pride in any way His will may be,
For the love we share and the trust we feel, allows us to serve freely and proudly on bended knee.

Post title: " The Purest Commitment "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line

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