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I want to share a very informative video interview with you with a long standing member of the LGBT community. Malika Dandridge is the interviewer and Daddi Cole is the interviewee. 

BDSM Unveiled Talk Tuesday

The regular BDSM Unveiled Talk Tuesday will be back next week!

Malika's introduction of the video:

Malika Dandridge
Malika Dandridge
Daddi Cole
Daddi Cole

Daddi Cole is a lesbian-identified, gender fluid Author/Educator and Dominant whose work appears in six anthologies including Stud: Dispelling the Myths; At the Table: Words of Faith, Affirmation, and Inspiration for Young LGBTQI Believers of Color; and Creative License (2014)."

Figuring prominently into Atlanta’s Leatherbash (formerly the Mr. & Ms. Georgia Leather Contest) in 2011 and into the Women in Leather Legacy Conference (WILL) in 2012, DC was recognized at the Black Expressions Alternative Tastes Conference in 2012 for community service and at Black Beat 2014, where S/He moderated the Queer Roundtable. Daddi Cole is a civic leader in African American and LGBTQ communities, spearheading projects like the International LGBT Healthcare Awareness Ribbon, Bois Next Door and AGenda Benda's Justice, Inc.’s human trafficking prevention initiative.

S/He created Sex Positive Works as a vehicle for providing sex-positive life coaching, consultation, and education for consciousness raising around consensual Dominance/submission and other unconventional relational dynamics and living styles. To entertain & to enlighten, DC -a.k.a. Drag King LEGEND Rx- offers collage exhibition; community talks and workshops; and erotic demonstration/ performance, always embracing opportunities to collaborate with like-minded leaders in the field.

After five years of devoted submission, Daddi Cole's soko is now "in service" to the toddler who keeps the couple very busy. They also each birthed two children (now adults), all of whom are as brilliant as they are diverse. They reside in the eastern United States. Oh, and any gender pronoun is acceptable. As the little one says, "hers a boi."

Click the link below to watch the interview. Feel free to leave comments and questions below!


Post title: " BDSM Unveiled Talk Tuesday Presents: Malika's Interview with Daddi Cole "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line

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  1. The site is exciting and engaging, the interviewer is quite skilled, and doing the interview was fun and funny.
    Daddi Cole DC@SexPositiveWorks.com #Boundaries #TrustYourInstincts #FckGasLighting #WriteUpMOUs #BDSM #LEGENDRx #PreventDomesticViolence #Dominance #Submission #Kink #Daddy #Daddi #FckShame


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