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by Michelle Fegatofi

No words are needed because your touch speaks to me,
No words are needed because your eyes tell me what you see.
No words are needed for my soul fills your own,
No words are needed because you are my home.

No spoken word can replace the feelings that I get,
From the very first day that we met.
No spoken word can tell me what you feel inside,
Because your actions, attentions, and eyes won’t let it hide.
Everything you do, every move you make,
I know how you feel, and I am forever yours to take.

I am your sub and proudly your slave,
I am whatever you tell me to be and how to behave.
You own my body and you own my soul,
Now and forever, beyond the days we grow old.

Post title: " No Words Are Needed "
by: Michelle Fegatofi signature Red line

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